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UltraPly TPO chosen for the renovation of Duracell’s distribution center in Belgium

World leader in the production of batteries, Duracell has two locations in Belgium: one in Aarschot dedicated to production, and a distribution center in Heist-op-den-Berg. The roofing system of this second building, built in 1999, was aging, so Duracell undertook its renovation with Elevate’s UltraPly TPO thermoplastic roofing membrane and added a photovoltaic installation on top. The roof insulation was also improved, with the addition of 100 mm thick PIR boards. These improvements to the energy efficiency of the building illustrate Duracell’s proactive commitment to the environment, an efficiency model notably implemented in its European factories, which all run on green energy.

Project ID

Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium

Project type


Building type

Industrial building

Roof surface

40,000 m²

Product used

UltraPly TPO 1.5 mm

System used

Mechanically attached + fully adhered

Thanks to its full compatibility with photovoltaic systems, its durability and its carbon footprint among the best on the flat roof waterproofing market, the choice of the UltraPly TPO membrane is in line with Duracell's vision of sustainable buildings. Between March and August 2023, roofing contractor Group Suerickx installed about 40,000 m² of UltraPly TPO on top of the existing bitumen waterproofing. The membrane was mechanically attached to the main concrete structure and steel deck. A 10,000 m² steel deck section was fully adhered.

“Our technical department carried out all the calculations to ensure that the new insulation and waterproofing system did not generate any condensation inside the building”, says Jens Breynaert, Technical Project Engineer at BRM, Elevate’s Official Sales Representative in the Benelux. “We also carried out a precise layout plan, taking into account in particular the wind pressures at a height of 14 m,” he adds.

Durable basis for solar roofs

The photovoltaic installation on top of Duracell’s distribution center in Heist-op-den-Berg consists of 35,000 m² of photovoltaic panels, their metal structures ballasted with concrete blocks. The UltraPly TPO membrane was prescribed in a thickness of 1.5 mm in order to comply with the recommendations for exemplary installation with a photovoltaic system.

With a capacity to generate more than 4,000 MW, the energy produced by the solar panels ensures 80% of the building's self-consumption (electricity, techniques, etc.).