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Wavy roof of Dutch holiday park reception covered with UltraPly TPO

Dutch holiday park Klein Vaarwater is located in Ameland, one of the Wadden Islands. The landscape is idyllic and quiet, but at the same time the vagaries of nature are ever present. With a length of 27 km and a width of just 4 km, in Ameland the coast is never far away. Strong sea winds and rain are simply unavoidable. As a consequence, the roofing system of the park’s reception building had to meet very specific requirements.

Project ID

Buren, the Netherlands

Project type

New Build 

Building type

Recreational building


2,700 m2


UltraPly TPO 1.2 mm


Mechanically attached

The proximity to the dunes inspired the architect to design the reception building (housing also a restaurant and a supermarket) with an undulating roof. A roof shape that without any doubt provides a strong visual identity, but also poses a number of challenges to the roof sealing.

The first reason why Elevate's UltraPly TPO thermoplastic roofing membrane was chosen was that its outstanding flexibility make it suitable for the most complex roof shapes.

The proximity of the dunes and the sea had an impact not only on the design, but also on the choice of roofing material. UltraPly TPO’s weft-inserted polyester reinforcement and its availability in 1 m wide panels, in combination with the mechanical fastening system, make it very resistant to high wind loads. In addition, because the seams of the membranes are welded together with hot air, the upper and lower membranes fuse to form a 100% homogeneous weld seam where water cannot penetrate.

The light gray color of the roofing membrane was chosen for aesthetic reasons, but also for environmental reasons, as it provides a cooling effect. Air conditioners have to work less, and as a result, energy costs also decrease.

The roofing contractor for this project, a Holcim’ Licensed Contractor with extensive experience with UltraPly TPO, carried out a flawless installation in just 3 months. First, mineral wool insulation was fitted between the flanges of the building’s corrugated steel roof deck to achieve the desired acoustic requirements. A polyethylene vapor barrier was laid on top, followed by PIR insulation panels. The UltraPly TPO waterproofing membrane was mechanically fixed on top.