Highly engineered snow reservoir waterproofed with GeoGard EPDM

Szczyrk is a popular winter sports town in the south of Poland. In 2017, construction works started to create a large artificial snow reservoir to ensure reliable snow conditions from early December until April.

Project ID

Szczyrk, Poland


Artificial snow reservoirs


16,000 m² (two layers)


GeoGard EPDM 1.5 mm + GeoGard EPDM 1.1 mm

Following a previous successful experience, Slovak company J&T trusted again Holcim Building Envelope’ GeoGard EPDM geomembrane to line the new highly engineered snow water reservoir, able to hold 100,000 m³ of water.

No detail was overlooked. One third of the entire embankment was stabilized with a concrete layer and a high-quality protective geotextile was installed over the compacted rocky surface and the concrete. The entire 16,000 m² pond was then lined with two layers of GeoGard EPDM, separated by a water drainage geocomposite (drainage tubes cushioned between two layers of geotextile). In case of potential damage to the top EPDM geomembrane, the geocomposite collects and brings the leaking water to a monitoring device that immediately detects the leak and evaluates its magnitude.

The installation took place in just 2 months, with about 3,000 m² being installed each working day.