Urban artificial lake near Barcelona goes for GeoGard EPDM

The Central Park of Santa Perpetua de Mogoda is a large urban park near Barcelona (Spain). Back in 2015, the municipality decided to create a large artificial lake in the park to bring water closer to people.

Project ID

Barcelona, Spain


Artificial lakes


12,000 m²


GeoGard EPDM

Approximately 12,000 m² of Elevate’s GeoGard EPDM geomembrane were used to waterproof the artificial lake. After excavation and compaction of the soil, a protective geotextile was installed, followed by the EPDM geomembrane, which was partially covered in some areas.

GeoGard’s combination of availability in large panels, adaptability to the support, resistance to hydrostatic pressure and puncture resistance made it easy to bring the original concept into reality.

Today, the artificial lake at Santa Perpetua de Mogoda features a section for small remote-controlled boats for children and it’s also possible to practice cable wakeboarding, a kind of water skiing where the board is dragged by a cable.