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Green and solar roofs gaining momentum in Europe

The installation of photovoltaic systems and green roofs is a growing trend in Europe, with many municipalities even making them mandatory for new buildings. Elevate roofing membranes offer a reliable and durable solution for this type of application.

In France, a new law promulgated earlier this month states that flat roofs of new-build commercial and industrial premises, warehouses, non-public hangars subject to commercial exploitation and new publicly-accessible covered parking areas over 1,000 m² have to be covered with solar systems or green roofs. According to this new law, at least 30% of the roof area must be covered.

France joins in this way a growing trend across Europe where the installation of green roofs and/or photovoltaic systems is becoming mandatory to achieve energy efficiency goals and contribute to outset the effects of global warming.

A green roof not only has an air-purifying effect, it also has an insulating effect, which means less energy is required to heat or cool the building. It also helps mitigate the urban heat island effect, a condition in which cities absorb and trap heat at higher rates than rural areas. Stormwater management is also a very important aspect of green roofing systems. In situations of excessive rainfall, green roofs absorb a certain amount of rainwater and then release it slowly, minimising the risk of flooding.

Solar or photovoltaic (PV) installations need to perform for at least 20 years, therefore they require a durable roofing system that will remain in good condition and that will withstand the eventual roof traffic linked to the maintenance of the solar panels.

Elevate’s range of roofing membranes offer a perfect match for these type of applications. They are compatible with extensive green roofs and can easily be combined with any type of photovoltaic installation. They also allow rainwater collection. Their excellent weathering performance, resistance to root penetration and ability to withstand very high and very low temperatures translates in a roofing solution of outstanding durability.

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