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Thinking outside the box for TPO detailing

Being a thermoplastic roofing membrane, when we think about TPO we always asume that the only way to work around it is with hot air (thermal) welding. Welding is indeed a key characteristic of thermoplastic membranes. It also simplifies the installation process, especially when using an automatic welding machine. But on details such as roof edges, around some penetrations, etc, automatic welding machines cannot be used. Here we rely on handheld welding machines. Hand welding is a slow process and needs an experienced installer to achieve a good and consistent quality of weld.

Elevate offers a solution that brings a fast, easy and reliable alternative to seal some of the more complicated roof details. Think for example about roof edge details done using TPO coated metal and the membrane, which is most of the time hand-welded onto it.

The solution is Elevate’s UltraPly TPO QuickSeam Flashing, a pressure-sensitive TPO flashing strip that easily connects the TPO membrane from roof to metal surface with a simple ‘peel and stick’ operation.

No special tools or power supply are needed. The surface where it is going to be used needs to be prepared with primer first, then the UltraPly TPO QuickSeam Flashing strip has to be applied in the same way as any other self-adhered product. Finally, pressure has to be applied over it using a silicone roller.

The special rubber polymer-based adhesive at the back of the strip creates a very strong bond between the strip itself and the membrane or metal surface, providing excellent water tightness around the detail. Compared to hand welding, this method is much faster and less labor-intensive. It saves on time, labor and costs.

Not only that, the UltraPly TPO QuickSeam Flashing strip offers added benefits. With the TPO coated metal detail, for example, there are typically very few options available for the color of the roof edge metal, which is usually white or gray. With the UltraPly TPO QuickSeam Flashing strip, architects and building owners can choose any color of roof metal edge they like. We take care of the rest.