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GeoGard EPDM provides solution for water shortage at Italian golf resort 

The Riva Toscana Golf Resort & Spa is a new luxurious golf resort between Pratoranieri and Follonica, in the province of Grosseto (Italy), with a perfect view of the Tuscan hills and only a few steps from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Project ID

Follonica, Italy


Irrigation reservoir


9,000 m²


GeoGard EPDM 1.1 mm 

The original construction plan for the Golf Resort & Spa called for a desalinator with exorbitant costs but the choice of a specific type of grass made it possible to reduce the daily water requirement from 1,100 m³ to 600-700 m³. After waterproofing a first artificial lake able to contain 32,000 m³, two more water reservoirs have been built, totaling 80,000 m³, which provide an autonomy of 120-130 days without rain.

For architect Paolo Negroni, owner of the golf and hotel facility and designer of the course, it was very important to have a well-thought-out design, especially regarding the edges of the reservoir, so that it would look natural and blend in with the surroundings while also optimizing the use of the EPDM geomembrane in order not to generate waste of excess material.

Looking to solve the issue in a fast and effective way, the architect decided to use our GeoGard EPDM geomembrane to waterproof the new reservoir, given the positive experience the year before with the construction of the first reservoir and a few years earlier with the construction of two irrigation reservoirs at the Bogliaco Golf Club on Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia.

The flexibility and reliability of GeoGard EPDM made it possible to have an easy and efficient installation with very little waste, while following the shape of the reservoir. The availability of GeoGard EPDM in large sheets was also an important factor, allowing the installation to be concluded in only 6 months.