10 tips for roofing in the summer

Summer is almost upon us. Higher temperatures and higher humidity can influence the performance of some roofing products, such as adhesives, primers, sealants and cleaners.
Follow these few simple tips to stay safe and continue to get the most out of your roofing products.

1. Don’t skip the protective gear just because it’s warm. Remember: safety first.

2. Stay well hydrated and protect yourself from the sun with appropriate clothing. Take breaks in the shade.

3. Wear UV glasses to protect your eyes and avoid being blinded by the sun, especially if you are installing a reflective roofing membrane.

4. Store all primers, bonding adhesives, sealants, QuickSeam products and cleaning agents out of direct sunlight at ambient temperatures until ready for application.

5. High ambient temperatures may affect the viscosity and coverage rate of adhesives. Please refer to the product’s Technical Information Sheet for further information.

6. In the case of spray adhesives, do not remove the canister from its carton and keep it, as well as the hose, out of direct sunlight. If the canister heats up, it may affect the spraying pattern.

7. Heat makes adhesives achieve their full bond or “cure” faster. The open time is also shorter, so please keep this in mind and adjust working times accordingly.

8. Only keep on the roof the products that are planned to be used on that day.

9. It also rains in the summer, so remember that substrates need to be dry and free from any contamination before work can start.

10. Humidity is likely to be higher during summer, which could result in condensation appearing on glued surfaces and act as a barrier for adhesion.