GeoGard EPDM irrigation canal in Serbia

The province of Vojvodina in Serbia has the highest amount of agricultural land in the country. Thirty years ago, an irrigation canal network was built but was never put in operation. This project is finally coming to an end thanks to the use of geomembranes for waterproofing the canals, which will carry water to the farmers.

Project ID

Vojvodina, Serbia


Irrigation reservoirs


380,000 m²


GeoGard EPDM

Among the key requirements for this project was having a durable waterproofing geomembrane with a quick and easy installation. The membrane also needed to be robust and give the opportunity to accidentally fallen large animals to get out of the canal by their own means. The Elevate GeoGard™ EPDM geomembrane proved to be the best choice, thanks to its exceptional durability, its high friction angle and speed and ease of installation.

The Orom-Palic canal, which is now in operation, is 9 km long. Approximately 380,000 m² of GeoGard™ EPDM geomembranes were used to waterproof it. Local contractor DTD Sverna Backa achieved an average speed of installation of 5,000 m² per day, with two crews.