GeoGard EPDM chosen for large decorative pond in Moscow park

Elevate’s GeoGard EPDM membrane with a thickness of 1.14 mm was chosen to waterproof the large decorative pond at the heart of the Khodynka Field park in north-west Moscow.

Project ID

Moscow, Russia


Commercial and Reflection ponds


10,863 m²


GeoGard EPDM 1.14mm

In the design phase, Firestone local partner Vodalux convinced the customer – the general designer of the Khodynka Field park - to go for GeoGard EPDM. The membrane’s exceptional durability and reliability made it particularly suitable for this specific type of water reservoir and geological conditions.

The project presented several challenges: the pond had a complex configuration of coastline and bottom topography, so it called for a membrane that could efficiently and esthetically adapt to its design. Another important challenge was to carry out strong and watertight seams in places where the membrane was laid under the foundations of the bridge supports. Finally, in order to meet the deadline, about half of the installation work was carried during winter at very low temperatures.

The Khodynka Field park is a large open space in the north-west of Moscow. The area was redeveloped in recent years to give residents and visitors alike a modern but peaceful place to escape from the busy city life, as well as provide interaction through sport, culture and entertainment. Some of the highlights of the area are the Megasport Arena ice sport stadium, the CSKA Moscow football stadium and the National Center for Contemporary Arts.