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Take the plunge into a natural swimming pool with PondGard EPDM

In recent years, natural swimming pools and ponds have gained a lot of popularity around the world. They offer a chemical-free alternative to the conventional swimming pool, as water treatment takes place naturally by means of specific plants and microorganisms present in the pool’s filtration area. Swimming in clear water, free of chemicals, becomes a very enjoyable and relaxing experience, as the lack of chlorine means no stinging in your eyes.

In addition, natural swimming pools and ponds integrate naturally with the landscape, becoming a water feature that looks beautiful the whole year.

However, sometimes people hold back from choosing a natural pool or pond. They may think they are cold, much more expensive than conventional ones or that they require lots of maintenance. Here we look at some of these misconceptions.

Natural swimming pools actually require less maintenance than conventional ones, as there is no need to add chemicals and the water does not need to be drained for cleaning. Maintenance of a natural swimming pool or pond is actually very similar to gardening. Regularly trimming the plants in the filtration area, removing falling leaves and discouraging animals (such as ducks) from entering the pond is sufficient to keep the water clean all year round.

Another misconception is that natural swimming pools are cold. However, nothing is further from the truth. While it is possible to heat natural swimming ponds or pools, a comfortable temperature can be achieved naturally. For this, there are a few things to consider: it is always a good idea to position the natural pool or pond at least partially in the sunshine and use a dark lining membrane, which will make the water warm up faster. On a summer day, the natural temperature of the pond can easily reach a very pleasant 25°C. Adding a pool covering is a great way to keep the water warm at night.

In terms of costs, although the initial investment might be slightly higher than that of a conventional swimming pool, natural swimming pools and ponds have minimal operational costs. No need to constantly add chemicals, which means big savings for the pool owner and great benefits for the environment.

PondGard EPDM is a durable, robust and easy to install waterproofing membrane for natural swimming pools and ponds. It has an excellent resistance to UV exposure, high temperatures, oxidation and frost, which allow it to retain its mechanical properties for countless years. PondGard EPDM is also inert and, unlike other plastic-based membranes, it does not release plasticizers or anti-oxidants into the environment, making it safe not only for swimmers but also to the aquatic fauna and flora.

Made of synthetic EPDM rubber, PondGard EPDM is a black membrane with excellent UV stabilizers that give it an outstanding resistance to weathering. Its dark color also helps the water to warm up faster and blend the pond into the landscape, reinforcing its natural aspect.

Installation of the PondGard EPDM membrane is carried out by Elevate’s authorized installers, who work closely with landscape designers and can provide advice on the water treatment and pumping system best suited to each project.

Ready to take the plunge? Find our more about PondGard EPDM or contact us to find your local Elevate authorized installer.