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We have developed a complete range of accessories for a high-quality TPO roofing installation. All components are available from a single source, guaranteeing full compatibility.


Our range of flashings have been developed to offer the perfect finishing for your TPO roofing installation.

UltraPly TPO Unsupported Flashing

Non-reinforced synthetic membrane made of flexible thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), designed for flashing specific roofing details (penetrations, T-joints and curbs) where the application of reinforced membrane or pre-formed Elevate UltraPly TPO products is not appropriate.

UltraPly TPO Inside/Outside Corners

Pre-shaped pieces made by extrusion molding from flexible thermoplastic polyolefin that are used to flash inside and outside corners of curbs, parapets and scuppers. They may also be used as a square tube flashing by using four outside corners. The UltraPly TPO Inside/Outside Corners come for ease of application as pre-cut, individual pieces.

UltraPly TPO Pipe Flashings

Pre-shaped pieces made by extrusion molding of flexible thermoplastic polyolefin. They are specifically designed to flash round penetrations with a diameter between 25 and 200 mm that are accessible at the top. Each flashing piece will fit penetrations of different sizes and shall therefore be cut at the correct (size) ring to insure a tight fit.

UltraPly TPO T-joint Covers

Square pieces with rounded corners of non-reinforced membrane made of flexible thermoplastic polyolefin. They are designed to cover and seal all T-joints formed at seam intersections of UltraPly TPO membranes that exceed 1.2 mm in thickness and at seam angle changes. They can also be used to repair small punctures of the field membrane.

UltraPly TPO Penetration Pocket Kit

Designed for flashing complicated roofing details such as odd shaped penetrations or a small cluster of penetrations (up to 90 mm in diameter).

UltraPly TPO Coated Metal

Made from a non-reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin membrane that is factory-laminated to a hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet. It is used in an alternative method to install base tie-in details, at the base of upstands and skylight curbs, and to produce metal edge profiles. UltraPly TPO membranes can be welded directly onto the coated side of the UltraPly TPO Coated Metal.

UltraPly TPO Walkway Pad

Walkway made of flexible thermoplastic polyolefin and produced with a polyester weft inserted reinforcement. It has a white, textured, slip-resistant top surface and a smooth bottom surface. Installation of Walkway Pads is required to protect the roofing system from damage in areas with intensive rooftop traffic (hatches, doorways, ladders, roofs subject to periodic traffic for maintenance of technical equipment, etc...)

QuickSeams products

Do you need to connect the UltraPly TPO membrane to non-TPO materials or to existing thermoplastic membranes? It’s easy with our QuickSeam products.

Single-Ply QuickPrime Primer

Solvent-based primer designed to clean and prepare Elevate single-ply membranes (UltraPly TPO, RubberGard EPDM), flashings and other surfaces prior to installation of QuickSeam tape products or application of Pourable Sealer S-10.

UltraPly TPO QuickSeam Flashing

Strip of non-reinforced membrane made of flexible thermoplastic polyolefin that is laminated to a white cured self-adhering seam tape. The tape is protected with a release paper that offers outstanding weathering resistance and that can easily be removed. It is used to flash roof edge profiles.

Adhesive & cleaning agents

Our adhesives and cleaning agents are designed for bonding and cleaning the UltraPly TPO membrane.

UltraPly TPO Bonding Adhesive

Solvent-based contact adhesive designed for bonding UltraPly TPO roofing membranes and UltraPly TPO Unsupported Flashings to approved insulation boards, wood, masonry, metal and other acceptable substrates.

Splice Wash

Designed to clean and prepare UltraPly TPO membranes, flashings and accessories before splicing or welding.


Use our selection of sealants to ensure a completely watertight installation of your TPO roofing.

UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant

Used to seal and protect all cut edges of reinforced UltraPly TPO membranes and Walkway Pads where the polyester reinforcement is exposed.

General Purpose Sealant

Sealant with an excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. Used as a waterproofing sealant in specific details of UltraPly TPO systems, such as the top of Termination Bars, Pipe flashings, etc.

Water-Block Seal

Sealant designed to provide a watertight seal in specific system details such as drains, scuppers, wall terminations and others. The Water-Block Seal functions only under compression and must be protected against UV.

Pourable Sealer

Two-component sealer designed to create a watertight seal around small pipe penetrations, clusters of pipes, structural beams etc. The sealant is applied in a penetration pocket detail.

Plates, fasteners & tools 

Our plates and fasteners are used to mechanically attach the UltraPly TPO membrane, roofing system and/or insulation boards.

Please, also discover our range of tools to ensure a quality UltraPly TPO installation.

HD Seam Plates

Specifically designed for the mechanical attachment of UltraPly TPO membranes. They are used in combination with the Elevate All Purpose or Heavy Duty Fasteners.

All Purpose and Heavy Duty Fasteners

Specifically designed for the mechanical attachment of the UltraPly TPO membrane and roofing insulation to steel, wood and concrete decks.

Insulation Fastening Plates

Designed for attaching insulation boards to the structure.

Metal and Coiled Metal Batten Strips

Designed for the mechanical attachment of the UltraPly TPO roofing membranes and flashing pieces, as per Elevate specifications and details.

Termination Bar

Aluminium profile in C-shape that is designed for attachment and termination of the UltraPly TPO membrane against upstands with a smooth and even finishing surface such as concrete, steel, etc.

QuickScrubber pad and handle

Used for the application of the Single-Ply QuickPrime primer.

Silicone rubber roller

Used for rolling QuickSeam accessories.