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Insulation is an essential part of ensuring that a building is energy efficient. It keeps the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, resulting in significant savings in heating and cooling costs. Passive buildings, a construction concept that aims to minimize the building's overall ecological footprint, require proper thermal insulation as one of their key components.

Of the many insulation products available on the market, rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) boards are among the most efficient in terms of thermal performance per millimeter. This means that a thin and lightweight PIR board can achieve an insulation value that is equivalent to other thicker, heavier insulation products.

Elevate's RESISTA AK+ insulation board is an excellent option as it consists of a closed-cell PIR foam core, laminated on both sides to a gastight aluminum multilayer complex. This product offers superior and stable thermal resistance, dimensional stability, and compressive strength, which results in long-lasting performance.


Features and benefits

Superior thermal resistance

Same thermal performance than thicker (and heavier) insulation materials.


Wind uplift performance

Foam and facer have been designed for optimum adhesion in case of a fully adhered membrane application.


High compressive strength

Good walkability. Excellent choice for roofing applications where dead and/or live loads are expected.


Good reaction to fire

Boards do not smolder, melt or drip, and do not promote fire propagation.


Safe and easy handling

Easy to cut and handle. Boards do not have sharp edges.



Easy to transport, hoist and install. Helps reducing the roof total weight and reduces installation time and costs.



When installed correctly, it will last for the lifetime of the building.



The foam technology uses a HCFC-free blowing agent with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP). At the end of the roof’s life, it can be reused or recycled as new construction material.



RESISTA AK+ can be installed on a variety of substrates such as wood, concrete and metal. It is also compatible with different roofing membranes and adhesives, making it suitable for use on single-ply mechanically fastened, fully adhered, or ballasted roofing systems.

RESISTA AK+ insulation boards must be installed using fasteners and plates or approved insulation adhesives or appropriate ballast. For detailed installation information, please refer to the Installation Guidelines or the Technical Information Sheets.




  • CE as per EN 13165
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory
  • ACERMI-certified


RESISTA AK+ insulation boards are sold in bundles composed of a number of boards dependent upon their thickness.