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Building onwards and upwards


Quality, innovation and reliability have kept us an industry leader for decades. And as we look towards tomorrow, it’s our highest priority to uphold the standards you’ve come to know. The people you trust with your most high-profile projects, our unique global expertise and guidance on how to move forward will always be the crux of who we are, and where we go

Our products

To fulfill all your roofing needs and specifications, we offer EPDM and TPO roofing membranes, as well as insulation and vapor barriers.
Our easy-to-install EPDM membranes can be used to waterproof decorative water features and geomembrane applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, and more.
wall and floor
Wall & Floor
We offer easy to install, dependable, long-lasting and cost-effective waterproofing solutions for facades and basements.
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Relationships built to last 


Our people and partnerships are the backbone of all we do. That’s why we invest in a highly trained sales network, committed to going above and beyond. Quality is the cornerstone of our comprehensive product lines that include industry-leading warranties. And that’s just the beginning.


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A joint pursuit of excellence


Elevate is proud to be part of Holcim’s Building Envelope division, which includes some of the most respected and innovative brands in the building industry. With a presence in 81 countries and 2,000+ employees worldwide, Holcim brands are united behind a shared purpose to build progress for people and the planet.

A focus on the future

Our commitment to Sustainability 


Our solutions exceed requirements for sustainability. With a proactive focus on participation in LEED/BREEAM to solve collective challenges, our leading research and development facilities support a robust innovation pipeline. From a dedicated team of scientists and engineers focused on new, diverse roofing systems to every plant being ISO 9001 quality certified, we are steadfast in our dedication to supporting future generations with every build.