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Elevate has developed a complete range of accessories for its GeoGard EPDM geomembranes to meet the requirements of various applications and installation details. This offers project owners and specifiers the convenience to obtain all components necessary for a total EPDM geomembrane system from one single source: Holcim Building Envelope. 

QuickSeam Products

Range of EPDM field-seaming products that offer a significant reduction in the number of seaming procedures, are easy to use and show superior long-term performance.

QuickPrime Plus Primer

Designed to clean and prime GeoGard EPDM geomembranes and substrates that are to receive a QuickSeam product and/or Lap Sealant. The primer activates the surface of the membrane and is necessary for the seam quality.

QuickSeam Splice Tape

Designed for field splicing GeoGard EPDM geomembrane panels.

QuickSeam Batten Cover Strip

Semi-cured EPDM strip laminated to a QuickSeam tape. It is used to cover and seal batten bars used to mechanically anchor the membrane and strip in seams when additional protection is required and/or recommended (e.g. dung pit applications), as per Elevate guidelines.

QuickSeam FormFlash

Uncured EPDM strip factory-laminated to QuickSeam tape. It is designed to flash inside and outside corners, pipes, penetrations and other applications, as per Elevate guidelines.

QuickSeam SA Flashing

1.5 mm thick, non-reinforced EPDM membrane fully laminated to QuickSeam tape. It has a polyester release liner for easy removal and excellent weather resistance. It can be used to easily flash details where cured EPDM is required (e.g. pipe base flashing). It can also be used for repairing the GeoGard EPDM membrane (e.g. cuts and punctures).

QuickSeam Pipe Flashing

Prefabricated pipe boot with a QuickSeam tape laminated to the bottom of its flange. Specifically designed for flashing rigid round penetrations of 25 mm to 152 mm, on flat areas and above water level. Each QuickSeam Pipe Flashing will fit various penetrations and shall be cut at correct pipe diameter before installation.

Quickseam Corner Flashing

Self-curing round rubber piece with a diameter of 216 mm, adaptable to irregular shapes and designed to flash system details (inside and outside corners, reinforcement patches...) as per Elevate specifications.

Quickseam Repair Kit

Specially designed to repair damages on GeoGard EPDM geomembranes such as cuts, nicks, gouges and holes up to 10 mm long.


Designed for bonding the the GeoGard EPDM membrane onto a variety of substrates.

Bonding Adhesive BA-2017 S/TF

Sprayable solvent-based contact adhesive specifically designed for bonding GeoGard EPDM membranes to wood, metal, concrete and other acceptable substrates.


Designed to ensure that all RubberGard EPDM installation details are completely watertight.

Lap Sealant HS

Designed to seal and mechanically protect the exposed edges of QuickSeam products where required, as per Elevate guidelines. It can also be used as a general-purpose sealant in other applications, as specified in the Elevate guidelines.

Water-Block Seal

Designed to provide a watertight seal when used in compression at wall terminations and other details as per Elevate guidelines.

Cleaning agents

The GeoGard EPDM membrane can be cleaned using Elevate’s bespoke products.

Splice Wash

Designed to clean and prepare contaminated GeoGard EPDM membranes in areas where QuickPrime Plus primer will be applied.

Cleaner C-20

Alcohol-based degreaser with extremely fast evaporation properties, designed for efficiently removing all types of Elevate adhesives, sealants and other types of contamination from EPDM membranes, metal and many other solvent-resistant surfaces.

Batten Bars, Termination Bars & Tools

Used to mechanically fix the geomembrane to the substrate.

A quality GeoGard EPDM installation only requires a few simple but effective tools.

Metal Batten Strips

Designed for the mechanical attachment of the GeoGard EPDM membrane and flashing details, as per Elevate specifications.

Termination Bar

Aluminium profile in C-shape used for the attachment and termination above water level of the GeoGard EPDM membrane against upstands with a smooth and even finishing surface, such as concrete, steel, etc.

QuickScrubber pad and handle

Used for the application of the QuickPrime Plus primer.

QuickScrubber Plus stand-up tool

Used for application of the QuickPrime Plus primer on flat and hard substrates.

Silicone rubber roller

Used for rolling QuickSeam accessories.

Other EPDM accessories


Vulcanized EPDM prefabricated corners used to make watertight 90° inside and outside cut corners in combination with Elevate EPDM membranes.