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Elevate RubberGard EPDM waterproofs children’s green oasis

The Free Waldorf School in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, was expanded to include an organic looking after-school building. The architects chose Elevate’s RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane for waterproofing the roof of the extension.

Project ID

Berlin, Germany


Green roofs

Project type

New build

Building type

Educational building


450 m²


Elevate RubberGard EPDM 1.5 mm


Fully adhered

The focus of this project was on the consistent use of sustainable and ecological materials, including a ventilated façade made of untreated larch wood and extensive green roofs on top of the EPDM roofing membrane.

The extension of the school consisted of several pentagonal spaces of different sizes, reminiscent of mossy stones. The different parts had different heights and their roofs slopes were in different directions. In the truest sense of the word, this created a green roof landscape.

A mix of herb grasses was chosen for the green roof, offering a colorful picture to the children who populate the daycare center, especially during the flowering season. But green roofs also offer other important advantages in addition to their pleasant appearance. They support the management of rainwater, improve the microclimate and bind fine dust.

Elevate’s RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane can be used in all kinds of climates and is ideal for fully adhered, mechanically fastened and superimposed roof systems – such as green roofs in this case. It contains no plasticizers or halogens.

These attributes are in line with the latest assessment published by the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE), which states that EPDM roofing membranes are the most environmentally friendly choice for flat roofs. The evaluation, which is carried out by NIBE every two years, compares the initial costs (material and installation costs) as well as all hidden environmental costs (raw material consumption, energy consumption during production) of roofing membranes from different manufacturers. NIBE’s assessment concluded that mechanically attached and fully adhered EPDM roofing membranes have the lowest hidden costs and awarded them a "Class 1" classification.

As the project of the Free Walddorf School in Berlin shows, Elevate’s RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane meets all the requirements for comprehensive environmental compatibility. In combination with green roofs, it also fully maximizes its sustainability advantages.