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Let it snow

Snow reservoirs are mountain reservoirs and hydraulic structures built in ski resorts which are used to store water mainly for the production of artificial snow. They are an excellent solution for mountain resorts having trouble with the intake of water.

Their implantation in very high altitudes means that they are an extremely specific type of reservoir, compared to the ones located in plains. Their position presents several challenges due to the complex geological and geotechnical context (slope, diversity of substrates, etc.), specific mountain hazards (avalanches, debris flows, etc.) and intense solicitations due to the snow, the cold temperatures and high UV exposure. Therefore, it is vital to choose the appropriate geomembrane for such specialized projects.


At Elevate, we have over 40 years of experience in lining solutions and can provide the ideal liner to make sure you have all the quality, safety, elasticity and durability you need for the challenging design of a snow reservoir.

Our EPDM synthetic rubber lining membranes have outstanding ageing and weather-resistant properties (to very low temperatures, UV radiation, etc.). Their high degree of flexibility allows them to readily hold to the contours of the substrate and their excellent resistance to abrasive wear and puncturing reduces the risk of damage by rough handling. Their strength and elasticity remain unchanged over the years, without hardening or cracking.

Elevate’ EPDM lining membranes are also extremely sustainable. Chemically inert, they have an expected service life of over 40 years, making them remarkably durable compared with other lining membranes. In addition, other lining materials require more thickness for the exact same type of application. All in all, the use of EPDM membranes greatly contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint of a project.

Another important advantage of our EPDM liners is the possibility of using big rolls that can cover a surface of about 1,000 m² each. This means less seaming in-situ, representing a major acceleration in the whole installation process.

Each snow reservoir is tremendously different, with its specific requirements and challenges. Our technical department is there to help you, from the design phase until the final inspection of the entire installation.