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The Elevate ISOGARD HD cover board is a 12.7 mm thick, high-density, closed-cell polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core laminated on both sides to a mineral coated fiberglass facer.


The ISOGARD HD cover board spreads the load and protects the insulation boards underneath. It combines impact resistance and ease of installation in a single durable product. It is also an excellent choice for refurbishment projects, used as recovery board over the existing roofing system.

Features and benefits

Outstanding performance

ISOGARD HD has the highest thermal performance of any 12 mm rigid cover board and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It has a superior wind uplift performance, lays flat and requires fewer fasteners per board compared to 25 mm insulation boards.


A single 1.22 m x 2.25 m ISOGARD HD cover board weighs only 5 kg, resulting in easy handling and placement.


Quick and easy to install
ISOGARD HD is easy to cut and handle for quick installation around roofing details such as drains or other penetrations, reducing installation time and labor costs.


High compressive strength
ISOGARD HD has a compressive strength of over 800 kPa (5 to 6 times that of a normal PIR insulation board).


An added measure of protection
ISOGARD HD adds structural strength to the entire roofing system and helps to absorb the effects of hail, foot traffic and other potentially damaging impacts. It can also enhance the fire performance of the roofing system


When installed correctly, ISOGARD HD will last for the lifetime of the building.


Environmentally friendly
ISOGARD HD is composed of mold-resistant material that does not support the growth of damage-causing fungi and bacteria. The board is manufactured with a 100% fiberglass, mold and moisture resistant facer and it contains more than 9% of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled combined content. The foam technology uses a HCFC-free blowing agent with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).


ISOGARD HD must be neatly fitted to all roof penetrations and projections. Do not install more boards than those that can be covered with membrane and completed before the end of each day’s work or before the onset of inclement weather.

ISOGARD HD can be applied over existing as well as new roof surfaces and under fully adhered or mechanically attached single-ply roofing membranes. Boards must be installed using approved fasteners and plates or insulation adhesives.

The number of fasteners per board needs to be determined based on a wind uplift calculation in accordance with local building codes and taking into account a minimum requirement of 12 fasteners per board in case of a fully adhered single-ply roofing membrane and minimum 8 fasteners in case of a mechanically attached membrane.

Please contact Elevate’s technical department for further information on fastening patterns.


  • Keep boards dry at all times. Bundles need to be elevated above the water line to prevent moisture infiltration from the bottom.
  • Combustible. Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more information.
  • Do not install over wet, damp or uneven substrates
  • Do not torch-apply membranes to ISOGARD HD and do not use hot asphalt with ISOGARD HD boards.