Czech mine water treatment ponds lined with GeoGard EPDM

Water coming out of the Kohinoor Mine in the Czech Republic has a chemical composition that is not suitable for immediate release into the lake. Therefore, the water must first get purified through a biotechnological filtration process.

Project ID

Marianske Radčice, Czech Republic


Constructed wetlands


14,600 m²


Elevate GeoGard EPDM 1.5 mm

The biotechnological system consists of 7 wetlands with a passive cleaning process based on gravitation. These 7 wetlands have a total area exceeding 2.5 ha. A 1,300 m² vegetation sludge field is built for drainage of sludge extracted by means of a suction dredger or other technical equipment from the settling tanks. Sludge dewatering takes place mainly by evapotranspiration through wetland plants and evaporation of water from the sediment.

The biotechnological water treatment system is part of the Kohinoor Mine's ongoing restoration of the local habitat. Following the completion of this procedure, the area was destined to agriculture and reforestation, making the region more attractive and providing a better habitat for local wildlife.

Holcim’ GeoGard EPDM membrane with a width of 12.20 m was used for this project. The complex shape of the sedimentation and filtration ponds was one of the biggest challenges. GeoGard EPDM's outstanding mechanical properties, specifically foldability and flexibility, were a major advantage, allowing for faster and easier installation.