GeoSmart EPDM secures former landfill site in Italy

The municipality of Collepardo in the province of Frosinone (Lazio) needed to secure a disused landfill site to prevent the infiltration of rainwater inside it. This procedure, called “landfill capping” involves placing a cover over landfill waste or contaminated soil to isolate it and avoid the spread of contamination. Synthetic geomembranes, such as Elevate’s GeoSmart EPDM, provide a durable and easy-to-install solution for this type of application.

Project ID

Collepardo (FR), Italy


Landfill capping


1,110 m²


Elevate GeoSmart EPDM 1.2 mm

On this project, a GeoSmart EPDM membrane with a thickness of 1.2 mm was delivered in tailor-made sheets of 36 x 40 m to cover an area of about 1,110 m² plus the perimeter edge without joints. The installation only took one day.